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"People love in-studio shit

it’s like a cheat code for rappers."

The Bridge is a studio space & web service out of Charlotte; operating with a primary focus on plugging the city's artistic talents into itself. This focus is achieved through encouraging & showcasing in-studio collaboration between artists. However, showcasing the creativity that is birthed out of Charlotte in the forms of clothing, painting, photography/videography, etc. is also a major focus.

The goal of The Bridge is to create an artistic ecosystem within Charlotte. We believe Charlotte contains all of the necessary talent to become a powerhouse city in the field of creation. The problem is that this talent is spread too thin throughout the city, with no Bridge that would serve as reason to connect. By providing both a physical as well as digital space for artists to connect and interact, we plan to create relationships, serve as an artistic co-working space, as well as plan and host events that will serve as showcases for the various artistic talents. 

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Contact Us

3713 N Davidson St

(347) 933-3100

IG - @thebridgeclt

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